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Cotton Kurtis Wholesale


Cotton fabric needs no introduction on how beautiful and durable this fabric is. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, which makes it convenient and comfortable to be worn in summers. Cotton is very versatile and comes in great variety and colors, which makes cotton the king of fabrics. Cotton is very absorbent making it more convenient to dye.

Cotton has no competitor when we talk about durability and comfort all together. It looks amazing with all kinds of prints and designs. Be it abstract or geometric patterns. You’ll find cotton in many different forms even in western clothing collections. Cotton is the most used fabric. It is more durable and resistant when compared to other fabrics. Cottons have been known to mankind for more than 9000 years. Cotton fabrics are naturally grown in many areas and are used universally. There are many characteristics of cotton which makes it appealing for dressmakers. The expert always looks for thread counts, chemical treatments and such though these are important but the one wearing needs comfort and feel of fabric to be great.

Cotton never goes out of fashion, certain types may leave the fashion industry for time being but cotton as fabric never left. When paired with right junky jewelry such as oxidized or wooden or even beads.

We all stand in front of our closet for at least 15 minutes before going out, no matter where we are going. No matter how many clothes we have we always run out of clothes at the moment as the fashion industry never stops changing and to keep up with the pace of changes we might run out of breadth.

Cotton kurtis were a basic outfit but nowadays these kurtis have gone through drastic changes and now you can find cotton kurtis at formal meetings and even in parties. Cotton kurtis come in many designer patterns which make them more appealing and loved.

Here at aarveecreation you’ll find an enormous variety to choose from. The quality of these Wholesale Kurtis are high grade. The variation you’ll find in these kurtis are each beautiful and eye-catching and we can make sure people around you are going to ask about them every now and then.

cotton kurtis are loved by every age group, be it teenagers or mid age. These kurtis are comfortable for everyone, be a working woman or the whole who is running the house. You can style these kurtis with

Knee- length kurti with jeans

The cotton kurtis and jeans are an evergreen outfit. Be it your office or your casual hangouts with friends. This outfit is not going to disappoint you. Due to its breathability and absorbing feature it absorbs the sweat and keeps your body cool during summer season. You can even fold your jeans at the bottom and pair it with tan footwears. Add sunglasses to get the desired look.

Kurtis with an open jacket

You can add an open jacket to your basic kurti to give it a little spice. Even sleeveless denim jackets to your solid cotton kurti can make your outfit ready to go, when paired with handbags and minimal jewelry you are good to go. A pair of juttis, sandals, or flats go well with this outfit.

Kurtis with stalls and scarf

Your basic Kurti can take a 360 tune when you add scarfs or stalls to it. You can tie your scarves around your neck and can even tuck the ends inwards or keep them loose and give your outfit a cool look. Adding bangles, bindi and dangling earrings can complete your look.

Kurtis with palazzo

If you are looking for a sophisticated or formal look, Kurtis with palazzo pants works best. Add heavy earrings to give yourself the desi touch or can even wear minimal accessories for formal meets.


Kurtis are love, we all have at least a pair of Kurtis in our wardrobe. Cotton Kurtis or Printed Kurtis are worn on many occasions and even casually. They come in many varieties of fabric too but the most comfortable and durable fabric is one and only cotton fabric. Cotton can easily be dyed and is available in many colors for you to choose. To make things easier for you, we provide you with catalogs of cotton kurtis.


Aarveecreation is manufacturer and supplier of many women's clothing, kurtis being the most preferred clothing apparel, we have a wide range of all kinds of kurtis with cotton kurtis being on lead. We have many patterns and designs in cotton kurtis and you’ll find them in our personally curated catalogs.


We at aarveecreation have a huge range of cotton Kurtis at a low price and you’ll find them in bulk and in catalogs. We even offer cash on delivery for your convenience, where you can pay after you receive the products you ordered. We manufacture high-quality kurtis and offer them to you at a very low price with guaranteed products.

Brand: 100Miles Model: 100Miles-Verona-Cotton-Kurtis-Catalog
Yarn Dyed Pure Cotton..
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹1,980
Brand: 100Miles Model: 100Miles-Reesha-Cotton-Kurtis-Catalog
Pure Linen Cotton With Embroidery Work..
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹1,980
Brand: 100Miles Model: 100Miles Vidhi
Pure Cotton Embroidered Kurtis..
MOQ: 4
Ex Tax:₹1,940
Brand: 100Miles Model: 100Miles Nilima
Pure Cotton Printed Kurti With Embroidery and hand Work Detailing and With Flair Gathers..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹2,670
Brand: Rangoon Model: Rangoon Zara
Pure Cotton Embroidered Kurti..
MOQ: 6
Ex Tax:₹2,994
Brand: Reevika Model: Reevika Aaina
Pure Cotton With Beautiful Print, Katha Work Lace Detailing Kurtis With Mask And Pocket..
MOQ: 7
Ex Tax:₹2,695
Brand: Rangoon Model: Rangoon Nazar
Cotton Lining With Value Addition Work..
MOQ: 8
Ex Tax:₹3,000
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