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Silk Kurti

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Silk is one of those fabrics which needs magnifying glasses to understand the quality and type of silk even for the experts. Silk is both a fabric and fiber, so even if you get confused while buying silk be relaxed cause everyone does. Silk from silkworms, which was founded by the Chinese, is one of the most finest and luxurious fabrics on the earth. Silk is not only found by silkworms but from spiders and mussels too. Even silkworms are of different kinds and every worm has a different kind of fabric made from them.

Raw Silk kurtis Wholesale

There are more than 50 types of silk depending upon which worm it is extracted from, the most common and sued silk for making dresses are:

Chanderi silk kurtis wholesale

The fabric has a slight satin-ish and glossy finish with a dull back. This is the silk that comes to your mind when we talk about silk in general. This is the most used fabric for dressmaking as it looks beautiful and drapes well too. This gives a satiny and creamy feel to the dress.

Chiffon silk or crepe silk

This type of silk is a little rougher but soft and sheer fabric. It comes in taffeta weave and gives a vibe of matt and crepe. It comes in many colors and prints and is ideal for flowy clothes. It is light and slippery fabric making it hard for weaving.

Silk organza

A sheer crisp fabric with loose weave and lightweight features, it's durable and has a smooth texture. They are a little heavier and stiffer fabric, they are see through and do get wrinkled easily. This is used as a sheer fabric for other fabrics too.

Silk georgette

A little heavier than chiffon with taffeta weave this is an ideal fabric for dressmaking, you just have to be careful while stitching as it might snag easily. If you don’t want to compromise your comfort but still want to look elegant, wholesale Raw silk kurtis are the best option for you. They look perfect on every occasion and fit your body like a second skin. They come in many vivid colors but choose colors according to your skin tone. Bright colors if you have a fairer tone or pastels and sober colors for a dusky tone.


Kurtis are one of the most important clothing apparel we have, as they suit well in every occasion no matter what it is. Kurtis can be worn at any place with the right bottom and you are ready to do so. Kurtis give you elegance without compromising your comfort. Kurtis when paired with pants give you a formal look and the same kurti when paired with jeans gives you the right outfit for your casual outings. Wholesale Kurtis come in a variety of fabrics and patterns and makes us more confused about what to buy? Silk kurtis are one of the best options you have with their lightweight and luxurious look. They are an opt choice for your wardrobe.We at aarveecreation offers you ample options to choose from, we provide you wholesale silk kurtis which you can easily buy online at out website of aarveecreation.


Silk kurtis on a pear shaped body or athlete body looks the most good as their flowy structure gives your body an elegance as they don’t stick to your body, hourglass body is ideal for every kind of body so silk kurtis is just going to add more beauty to you. Silk kurtis can go well on every occasion if it's a casual outing. Pair your kurti with palazzo and simple jewelry whereas pair your embellished silk kurti with a skirt to make an ideal outfit for your traditional event. Silk kurtis come in many different kinds of sleeves you can choose according to your preference be it sleeveless or full sleeves silk kurtis look beautiful in every pattern. Colors play a major role when we talk about clothes, fairer people should go for brighter colors whereas dull tone people can choose lighter shades for themselves.

There are many kind of silk kurtis you can add in your wardrobe

Tail cut pure silk kurti

Tail cut kurti when made with pure silk works best for part occasions, it has a long cut at the back and shorter in the font making it look like tail, when paired with beautiful earrings it brings charms to you, for a bolder move you can go bottomless and wear it like a dress with heels and a sling to you.

Mulberry silk anarkali

The silkworms found on mulberry leaves when cultivated and made into a beautiful anarkali bring the right elegance and sophisticated features to your body. The flowy look below waist adds more charm to you. Buy catalog of long straight kurtiat wholesale price by Aarveecreation

Silk satin angrakha kurti

Silk satin does a true justice to its name, a right amount of flowness and shine makes it the most beautiful silk. It is amazingly flexible and looks like a second skin on the body. An angrakha kurti made with two similar flaps or slight difference when embellished with beads and laces gives the kurti a magnificent look.

Chiffon dhoti style kurti

Chiffon fabric is comfortable and comes in many designs and colors making it loved by everyone, they have a spongy and lustros look.

Silk dupioni gown

A wobbly weave of a low price silk which is strong enough to be structured as a gown, it is also known as replacement of twilight gowns in india. The gowns of silk dupioni give a royal look due to its shiny and luxurious appearance.


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