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Anarkali Kurti

Cotton Anarkali kurti Wholesale

Cotton is the most preferred fabric when it comes to comfort and durability. Cotton is one of the most used fabrics due to its adaptability and comfort it provides in the changing weather of our country. Cotton comes in many different colors and patterns making it a versatile fabric, its breathability gives skin the comfort which is needed. Cotton can easily highlight every kind of pattern and print, it even can adjust itself with any kind of embroidery it wishes. Cotton kurtis are always and will always stay the most used fabric in Indian woman clothing. Due to the comfort it provides it is the most convenient fabric for women who work all day. Kurtis are the most attractive and flaunting Indian attire we have. With its right curves and pattern one can look breathtaking no matter the body type.

Imagine having a ravishing anarkali in cotton fabric? A dream come true isn’t it? Anarkali is a type of kurti which narrows down until waist and flows at the bottom the length can be knee or below knee till floor length mostly seen paired with churidar and dupatta. Anarkali name was derived from a fictional character from movie MUGHAL-E-AZAM, which was a long frock, people started imitating it resulting it to be a trend and famous with the name anarkali kurti. They are easy to wear and can be found worn on many occasions such as weddings, get togethers, casual meets. Anarkalis made of cotton are easy to wear, are breathable and most importantly comfortable. These kurti have wide diameter giving more space for movement, which makes it more comfortable for everyday use. When bought with collars or jackets it brings a sophisticated look to it, making it ideal for formal wear. These krutis are made in different fabrics too like brocade, silk, georgette, chiffon and such.



It is astonishing finding a beautiful cotton anarkali in cotton at wholesale price. Here we at aarveecreation offers you a huge range of cotton anarkali print designs, such as motif prints, foil prints and such. Even our trendy stripes and checks are available in Wholesale kurtis.

Embellishments and embroidery

Cotton anarkali kurtis are also found in many embellishments and embroideries, which includes the famous chikankari lucknowi embroidery and vintage embroidery and embellishments like beads, buttons, patchworks, piping and such.

Various length

These kurtis are available in many different lengths, patterns and cuts making them different from each other with their own kind of features. The length of this kurti depends on how the wearer wants it. It can be knee length, calf length, ankle length or floor length. Trendy anarkali kurtis nowadays have a mid slit right from the belly button to bottom.

Halter necklines

Halter necks are new in trends, with sleeveless high neck patterns these are a real piece of art. They are usually found in mirror work or embroidery and are usually best for summers.


Anarkali kurtis with layers are a real vibe, the flow and flare they carry in themselves are beautiful and elegant.


Anarkalis are real blessings for your wardrobe, you can style them in many ways according to your comfort and wish to present yourself.

Styling your cotton anarkali kurti with palazzo

Palazzos are wide leg bottoms which are comfortable to wear and even appear elegant when paired with kurtis like cotton anarkali kurti. Palazzo are breathable and even cotton anarkali is a very comfortable clothing making it a perfect pair for your comfort.

Styling your cotton anarkali kurti with churidar

Churidars are pants made of either cotton or silk and have rings at the ankle which was the original form of anarkali when paired with anarkalis, later people started experimenting with the buttons, but original anarkali was always paired with churidar.

Styling your cotton anarkali kurti with capes

Anarkali kurtis have seen generations and have adapted changes according to the need of trends, from dupattas to cape anarkalis have undergone many changes. You can pair your cotton anarkali with sheer capes made of organza, georgette and such.

Styling your cotton anarkali kurti with jackets

Jackets are new add ons to anarkali kurtis, heavy embroidered jackets or shrugs go really well with plain cotton kurtis and the size of the jackets can vary from waist to ankle length.

Styling your cotton anarkali kurti with denims

Mid slits kurti which starts from belly buttons looks amazing when paired with denim jeans, matching them with oxidized jewelry with boho juttis can bring a modern touch to your traditional outfit. Also Checkout our latest Wholesale denim kurtis collection by Aarveecreation

Styling your cotton anarkali kurti as gowns

Anarkali kurtis which are ankle length or floor length anarkali can be worn without any bottoms to give it a gown appearance and when paired with the right amount of jewelry can give you a graceful and elegant look.

Heavy embroidery and embellishment is done over anarkali like resham, zari, zardosi, chikankari and such. The elegant look the anarkali offers is western gown like appearance with old Indian heritage and culture. When a woman wears such outfits it brings a more femine touch to them and makes them look sophisticated with so many layers on them. With constant contemporary changes, anarkali has always created a fashion statement. Cotton anarkalis can be worn by any age group of any body shape but women with hourglass or pear- shape body type look more ravishing in these kurtis. Tall people with floor length anarkali bring grace to themselves. These are easy to wear and can be worn by even middle aged women without worrying about looking awkward in other kinds of kurtis. These kurtis are perfect for every occasion, when worn on occasions like navratri or sangeeth they appear really beautiful while dancing.


Aarveecreation is one of the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of cotton anarkali kurtis. We have a sample of options for you to choose and buy from, with the confidence that you won’t regret and will buy more than you intend to. We offer wholesale catalogs to retailers who want to buy cotton anarkali kurtis in bulk and sell them to different customers.


Why Choose aarveecreation for your shopping? Because we offer the best quality at wholesale and low price. For the convenience of our customers, we provide cash on delivery, so that they can pay when they receive their desired and ordered products. We are one of the best wholesaler, manufacturer and supplier of women clothing in India who ship all over the world.

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Rayon Foil Print Anarkali Gown Length 52..
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Ex Tax:₹4,893
Brand: Kinti Model: Kinti-Meenakshi-Anarkali-Kurti
Rayon Slub Multi Color Foil Print Sequence Embroidery Neck Uref Cut Umbrella Length 45..
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Blue Hills Ada Vol 3 Anarkali Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate Blue Hills Ada Vol 3 Anarkali Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate
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Cotton Camric Print Kurti With Cotton Mal Dupatta..
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Paavi Zuri Anarkali Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate Paavi Zuri Anarkali Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate
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Brand: Paavi Model: Paavi Zuri
Rayon Jari Print Embroidery Kurti..
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Ex Tax:₹3,320
Kinti Waves Rayon Kurtis Catalog At Wholesale Rate Kinti Waves Rayon Kurtis Catalog At Wholesale Rate
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Brand: Kinti Model: Kinti Waves
Rayon Printed Kurti..
MOQ: 8
Ex Tax:₹2,920
Blue Hills Trend Vol 25 Rayon Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate Blue Hills Trend Vol 25 Rayon Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate
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Brand: Blue Hills Model: Blue Hills Trend Vol 25
Rayon 14kg Print Kurti..
MOQ: 10
Ex Tax:₹5,700
Mayra Dhriti Rayon Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate Mayra Dhriti Rayon Kurti Catalog At Wholesale Rate
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Brand: Mayra Model: Mayra Dhriti
Rayon Printed Kurti..
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